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Miss Abigail's Holi-Powder shoot!

I've been dying to share a sneak peek of Abigail's holi powder photos. After 2.5 weeks of editing them, I finally finished them last night. Way back when we took her senior photos, Abigail shared with Sean and I an idea about doing a holi-power shoot. Of course, we jumped at the chance to do anything remotely artistic and different. But the weather got icky, and it was on hold. Until I'm laying in bed one night, and I said to Sean - "we should totally shoot these in the snow." So thanks to a free Saturday (gasp!) and overnight shipping we were able to pull it off.

Abigail - You were so great, even after Sean doused your face with dark blue powder and made you look like she belonged in the BlueMan Group or from the movie Avitar! Thank you for pushing our creativity as artists. We both learned so much and we absolutely had a blast creating these with you! Enjoy!!!

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