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Graduation Announcements

Class of 2020 - Let’s talk Graduation Announcements. While the world is still upside down and plans are in limbo, we still need to celebrate our seniors! Announcements are kind of our jam. We design them just for you, and we get them in QUICK. So even though there is a big ? on dates and celebrations, that’s ok! There will be time to get them.

So this week - let’s get the ball rolling. We’ll design an awesome invitation with your beautiful photos, get everything ready to roll so when we do know the dates, we can just plug those in and ORDER! Simple as that. So if you’re interested, shoot me a message, I’ll send you a link to an online form, that will help in creating the perfect announcements JUST FOR YOU! Didn’t have your photo taken by us, but still want invitations? Message us! #kbseniors #classof2020 #inthistogether


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